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Research Interests:

Analytical and Digital Photogrammetric Systems;
Topographic Mapping from Space Imagery;
Thermal Infra-Red Imagers;
Digital Mapping; Digital Terrain Modelling;
Thematic Mapping (principally Geological and Vegetation Mapping) from Aerial Photography;
Networking for Surveying and Mapping;
Persistent Database Systems for GIS;
Laser Surveying Instrumentation.

ISPRS Interests & Commitments

(i) U.K. National Delegate to Commission IV of the International Society of Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing (ISRPS). U.K. Delegate to Commissions II, IV or VI continuously since 1964.

(ii) Member, ISPRS Working Group I/3 on Sensors and Platforms for Topographic Survey.

(iii) Member, ISPRS Working Group IV/4 on Mapping Using High Resolution Satellite Imagery.

Scientific Societies

Member of the Photogrammetric, Remote Sensing and British Cartographic Societies. Has been the organiser and convenor of the annual joint Scottish meeting of the three societies from 1979 to 1996.

These have included the following one-day meetings in recent years:-

1986 - Graphics Work Stations Applied to Mapping.
1987 - Microprocessor-Based Systems Applied to Image Processing & Mapping.
1989 - CD-ROM & Video Disc Technologies: Their Applications in Mapping & Remote Sensing.
1990 - Raster-Based Mapping Systems.
1991 - Digital & Electronic Mapping Technology Applied to Air Navigation & Charting.
1993 - Scotland's Mapping.
1994 - Video Imaging Systems and Their Application to Mapping, Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing.
1995 - Mapping, Land & Property Information Systems.
1996 - Digital Photogrammetric Systems.

Other recent events have included the organisation of the following meetings:-

(a) Two three-day workshops on Terrain Modelling Applied to Civil Engineering and Surveying held at the Universities of Surrey and Glasgow in 1987.

(b) A one-day meeting on "Terrain Modelling Systems" forming part of the Annual Meeting of the Institute of British Geographers held at the University of Glasgow, January, 1990.